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Children of Hope Canada
CANADA TOLL FREE: 1-866-855-HOPE (4673)
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Welcome to Children of Hope Canada


Children of Hope currently reaches out to meet the needs of children in Indonesia.  Our future is bright with plans currently being finalized to do the same for children in the continent of Africa, beginning in Zambia, in late 2006.





Touching Lives

 Thousands of boys and girls want to go to school in Indonesia, yet their families cannot afford books, tuitions or school uniforms.  Many children leave home in the morning not to go outside to play, but to go to work.  They must work to help support their family. As a sponsor, YOU can make it possible for these children to go to school. Sponsorship will open the doors of education for boys and girls of all ages. You will give them hope for a better future by helping them break the cycle of poverty. 

 Thousands of children in Indonesia suffer from malnutrition, go without food for days, wear rags for clothing, and walk miles each and every day without the comfort of shoes.

 Your monthly support will not only provide the desperately needed nutrition for growing bodies, but will also help change how these children live.  Sponsoring one child will change the destiny of an entire family.





Children of Hope has many children who need YOUR sponsorship.

Please open your hearts, TODAY!


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